Tuesday, 12 March 2013

That Time We All Came Together

Last weekend was one of those magical moments when two of my current beloved people come together and I just, you know, feel all giddy and happy about it. It all started around the end of January when I was still in a haze of wanderlust and longed for yet another adventure. That was when I decided to purchase some awesome concert tickets to see Lucy Rose live in Cologne. At first, I was sure it was going to be a blast because I would actually see Lucy upclose and personal! I would stay at a friend's place overnight and leave in the morning. But everything changed when my friend, Cindy, asked me to stay over and hangout, Saku decided to come with and Firu's finals ended early. Tripple yaay!

The trip started with a series of heart attacks when Saku woke up late and almost missed the bus, disappeared to the toilet during the quick stop the bus make in Dortmund and we couldn't take the train that was supposed to take us to Bonn and see Cindy before she went off to work. No matter, we stayed the whole day in Cologne. Saku was very excited to see the Dome Church and we spent, like, an hour inside, looking at all the artworks and architecture. She was so passionate about art, I was amazed. Later on we had brunch (yes, actual brunch) in a café. I had a tasty Broccoli Quiche while Saku just had rolls with salami. We advanced to the Chocolate Museum - the second one I've been to in Germany - and took a peek at how chocolate was made and got a piece each. It was so much fun and everything was very pretty. 

Being an artsy girl at heart, Saku-chan asked to go to Boesner, an art supplies store chain - probably the biggest in Germany. If there was such a thing as a 7th heaven on earth, this would totally be it. It was a two-story house with a huge selection of art materials, starting from paints, chalks, oil, markers, to papers, art books, galleries, etc. Clearly, we did not want to leave...but the concert would be starting soon. Ah, the concert. Sorry, guys, my camera wasn't allowed in so all you get from the concert is this stamp on my wrist. It was located at Luxor, a small music club at the side of the streets of Cologne. It wasn't what I expected. The inside was basically a bar and stage with plenty of room for people to stand around in. I tried out my first bottle of non-alcoholic beer. It did NOT taste right. I liked the fact that the concert happened in a small venue. It wasn't as big as the ones I've been to but it's better. Peter and Kerry opened the show with their awesome songs - I started listening to them again after the show - and Lucy came not too long afterwards, dazzling the audience with her performance. She kept saying that she couldn't believe it was her last night. I felt like I made the right choice going here. She was as friendly and nice as I thought she was and she was so down-to-earth, I love her. After the show, she stood at the merchandise store, selling her tea, shirts, posters and CDs and giving autographs. She said my name was wicked when I told her what it was. I quickly flew to heaven. By the way, Peter stood next to me for 3 seconds during Lucy's performance to take a picture of her bassist - which was so energetic, awesome and good in German. I feel like I should've said something.

The next day, we woke up in Bonn. Cindy was ever so kind as to let us sleep over. That day we were going to meet up with Firu and Cindy's boyfriend, Slava. Slava knew the town better than Cindy so he was going to be some kind of tour guide for us. We just met him the other night too but he was already like an old friend. I was extra excited to see Firu again, by the way. He was...well, I haven't seen his face in two months so it was very surprising to see him again. First, Slava took us to the Bonn Minster Cathedral - which turns out to be one of the oldest cathedral in Germany. Again, Saku was in a stance of awe the whole time. On our way to Beethoven's house, we stopped by at a gummy bear paradise. Slava seemed to be so excited about it and wanted to quit his PhD and work there instead. Saku, Firu and I went to Beethoven's house afterwards while Cindy and Slava wandered off somewhere else since they've been there before. It was...interesting. For lunch, we stopped by at Ichiban Noodle Bar and ate ramen. That was the first actual ramen - and not instant ones - I've eaten since I've come to Germany. We wandered off to a faraway church for a good few hours afterwards and went home to Cindy's place to play UNO with some other friends. Oh yeah, here's the catch: Slava can't speak German so we talked to him in English while Saku can't speak English so we talked to her in German. I had to go back and forth between their communication at times but really fun!

The last day was a whole lot more mellow than the ones before. Saku and I were so excited to go to Münster. It was, by far, my ideal type of town. I've been there before so I know what I mean. This time, though, only Saku, Firu and I were going. Firu had to go home first, though, so we split ways. Saku and I arrived in Münster first, being greeted by snow. It was freezing cold and we stopped by at my favourite eating place in town, Kochlöffel. Since the trip there took forever and I ate like a turtle walk, we only had time to go to one museum. Saku chose the Pablo Picasso Museum. She was mighty excited about it too. I didn't get Picasso much but it was interesting to take a peek into his life and, probably, way of thinking. Afterwards, we went home with Firu to Kassel. Yes, he's with me now...so I would probably be too busy spending quality time to notice real life. That was one magical weekend and I hope we could get together again sometime.

P.S: I love how well Firu and Saku-chan got along with one another. I kind of half-expected it all to be awkward, what with the two new people - Cindy, Firu and I go way back. But it was all excitement, fun and no awkwardness. So awesome!

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